Christine Sanders 

I am just a Louisiana girl who has found love, happiness, and a passion for fashion. I also love DIY Projects, Cooking and All things Beauty! This is how I express myself and I love sharing it with all of you guys!

I am a YouTube Creator. I have two channels there. ChristineGxoxo for Fashion and Beauty. ChristineGsLife for daily Vlogs and non-beauty things! I have been looking into opening another or maybe two more channels. Who knows?

I also am a Fashion, Beauty, DIY and cooking Blogger. I love learning new things and I especially love sharing what I learn and know with you guys.

My back story is as follows: I grew up on a farm in a tiny village about 30 minutes from were I went to school. I always struggled with who I was and self confidence. One thing that helped me make it threw my younger years back home were animals. I have owned ALOT of pets. I had 30 hamsters, 10 guinea pigs, a grass snake, 2 ferrets, 1 hare, 2 rabbits, over 20 dogs, a few turtles and frogs, ants, spiders, oh yea and a rat. I earned the nick name "Blondy the Rat Girl." So embarrassing. But I LOVE animals. Especially stray dogs. They are the most loving and caring and sweet animals you could ever come in contact with. No matter what in your life or what people say or do to you, you come home and your pet loves you unconditionally. It is the best feeling in the world. Chloe and Rocky are my best friends, and the loves of my life. The same goes for my husband Garrett. I would not be were I am today with out them.

My husband grew up 5 min. from me and we never knew it. My best friend lived 2 houses down from him and we never meet. Until we found each other on the internet. Yea and people thing E Harmony is over rated. We talked for over a year before we meet. So ladies and gentlemen it is best to date your best friend.

I have one older sister and one younger brother. That's right I am the middle child. Middle Child just says it all. I was the outcast and I was the annoying one. Looking back now I am very proud of it but back then it was very hard for me.

I have always wanted to be somebody and do something bigger. Something that I knew I would love and want to wake up every morning and do. So when I graduated high school I went to Culinary School. It lasted 2 years when I realized this wasn't going to be for me and that this was never my dream. So I transferd to my husbands college as well as my siblings college and went for Architecture. That was 8 more years and I'm sorry but HECK NO!!! Then I flopped all over the Art Department then to Business Admin. I was going to be a Real Estate Agent. I took the class passed and decided I wanted to go back for a degree because I thought it was important to me. So in looking for cloths to wear to look older and more professional for Real Estate. I turned to YouTube for fashion advice. I caught myself watching videos every single day. Absorbing everything like a sponge. I went back to school for fashion Design and realized that was nothing like I wanted. I found out you could get payed to upload to YouTube. So I left school and decided I wanted to be a YouTube Guru.

So, as of December 7th 2011 I launched my Blog and YouTube Channel. After a year I opened my second channel. And now my very own website!