Christine Michelle

Christine Michelle YouTube Channel is a two niche channel. I am so passionate about motherhood but I also have to stay true to my channels original background which is life and style. Lets be real I am in love with all three topics!

My life and style youtube channel takes you on a journey of my life from 2011 until now. I share moving in with, my now husbands apartment while in college, discovering fashion and makeup, the journey to getting married, married life, purchase of our first home, having our first child and second child, moving across the state to build a modular on a farm, starting our homeschool journey and so much more!

My motherhood channel (Mom Thyme) is for the mom who needs a place where she is understood and loved. I respect every decision a mom, who is doing her best, makes. I share routines, day in the life of a stay at home mom vlogs, I am currently working on walking a new mom through the process of having her first baby, trimester by trimester. I felt so lost as a first time mom. The forceful opinions and judgement from the women in my life left me insecure and second guessing everything. I am here to give you confidence in your abilities to be the best mother you know how to be.

I love to vlog (taking you along with me for the day on camera) Click the button below to find my channel, subscribe, click the bell beside the subscribe button so you will be notified when I upload!

Welcome to the Mom Thyme Tribe!

mom wearing ergo carrier Christine Michelle