To Dream or not to Dream?...

Hey guy's so today I went to work and when I got home I longed for a nice long bubble bath or a nap but instead I grabbed a glass of sweet tea and decided to get on my computer to check on my blog. I know there is a huge possibility that there is no one out there listening to me or reading my posts but sometimes I like to think I have a huge group of friends just sitting around on the ground having a conversation with me. I know some may think it is odd for a girl to be putting her thoughts and ideas out there for the world to see or even nobody to see. 

There comes a time to think should I continue to fight for my dream and poor my heart and soul out into something with the fear of no one ever reading or responding to my ideas. Will my thoughts and actions help anyone or help anything? I like to think they will. 

I often find myself in a pull between my dream and passion vs. a job that guarantees a paycheck. I know a lot of people have this problem and 9 out of 10 choose a paycheck. I however am still fighting for my dream I refuse to wake up unhappy and sad about were my life has gone. It can be tough a lot of the time to push on and carry on when there are so many people in our lives who don't understand or don't care. Lets face it the majority of the world leans toward the easy and the generic. I will not go for the easy and I will never be generic.

It is tough listening to everyone saying I should find another job or an actual job but I am taking full advantage of my situation and I feel like I need to do this NOW and get what I can done now instead of wasting my time at a miserable medium wage job. So to any of you who might be reading, don't give up your dream because it doesn't fit into the people around you's life. They chose to give up, you didn't and I will fight threw it with you if you let me.

 <3 Christine