Hey guys! So, as you can see by the title above I got glasses! i CAN SEE AGAIN!!! I am just so excited to be able to see everything clearly but I had to go on a little journey before I got my perfect match...glasses that is. The "perfect pair" of glasses can be a hard thing to find. It is something I never thought I could get. As I explain in my video at the bottom of this post, I had to go threw a trial and error, trial and error and trial and error to get my perfect pair.

The worst thing you can do is just grab a pair. I did this on numerous occasions. If they don't look good on you or your not comfortable in them, lets face it you are never going to wear them. When it came to mine I didn't really care what they looked like. Just as long as I could see I thought it would be fine. Mind you I am not blind or anything. I could just not make out faces within a few yards of me and I defiantly couldn't make out what was on the boards at school.

So, I always got the wire glasses with the clear padding. Which pinched my nose, between my eyes, and gave me headaches as well as making me nauseous. So those didn't last long. Finally I went back a few years ago thinking contacts were my only option. I got them and they were for really thick. I have astigmatism and floaters so I need a special kind of contacts. My doctor only gave me the kind that can only be worn for a maximum of 8 hours. These kept my eyes irritated and dry. I could never wear them when I had on mascara. So I quite wearing those and just decided to go blind. lol I am so dramatic.

Anyways, I finally found an eye doctor who had an guy who specialized in finding the perfect glasses for your face and needs. So we decided on these!!!. 


I love everything about these glasses. From the bamboo sides, to the two tones frames (purple and green) These make my eyes pop as well from the purple and green so I love everything about them. OH YEA and they don't have the rubber thingys on the nose!!!


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