Susan G Komen '13 - Race for to Cure

Hey guys! Today I got to go to the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Garrett and I try to go to this race every year. We really enjoy it because there are so many inspiring men and women who walk. I almost get brought to tears when a survivor completes the 5k. People cheer even louder and they are embraced with a metal and a pink carnation flower. It is such a heart warming and eye opening experience.

Last years race was the first one I waited at the 5k. The first time I got to hear what the survivors say when they completed and I will never forget what one woman said,"That was harder then beating cancer." People laughed but she had this look of accomplishment and honor in finishing the 5k. It was a huge accomplishment, not many people can do that. Including yours truly. Women like that give me a sense of hope and desire to become a better woman.

A few years back my grandmother passed away of cancer. She started off with breast cancer which moved on to her bones and lungs and the list goes on. She was blessed to have dementia were she didn't remember what she was going threw. She had an amazing attitude when you reminded her and she would never let you know she was hurting. She didn't do chemo because she knew what it would do to her and she was very satisfied with the life she had lived. The doctors gave her two months but she lived for two years.

I look back at that and wonder what I would do if I were in that situation. I did have a scare my senior year of high school. I had been having a lot of troubles with my skin and hair for a long time. They found I had a huge hormone imbalance and found a tumor the size of a golf ball inside my ovary. It was the nasty tumor with teeth an hair inside. Gross, I know! Any ways they didn't know until they removed it, if it was cancerous or not. It happened so fast from finding it and having the surgery. I do remember that I had excepted that I had cancer before the surgery. I had come to terms with the possibility of my life ending sooner then I originally thought. At least I thought I had and I guess looking back I still didn't understand. But as soon as I woke up my doctor was standing there waiting for me. She told me it was benign. At that moment it finally hit me that I could have had cancer. I know this isn't the equivalent to actually having cancer but I feel like a lot of people have had this experience. Lets face it we all know someone who knows someone with cancer.Its become such a norm.

Back to what I would do if I had cancer. I would like to say I would do chemo but part of me wonders would I be able to survive chemo. You hear so many stories about so many people with so many different situations. I just don't know. I would hope I would be strong for Garrett and my family. I would hope I could beat it and complete the 5k at the Susan G Komen Race. I have a HUGE respect for every cancer survivor as well as people going the cancer. It takes a very strong person to deal with that. I believe God would never bestow that burden on someone who couldn't handle it. Everything happens for a reason and I think it is very hard for people to realize that when a loved one or them themselves has cancer. I pray for those who have cancer and those who have lost someone to cancer. I am going to leave you guys with a few words that I keep on my phones home screen as words of encouragement. These words have helped me threw some things and I think it could help you.



Here are the pictures from the race! As you see there was a huge turn out! We had a team planed but people kept dropping like flies! But, we still had an amazing group! Garrett (husband) , Erin (sister), Nisha (friend) and Me. We had a lot of fun!

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