Wedding Guest Drama!

Hey guys so I went to an old high school friends wedding last week! It was on August 3rd which is also me and Garrett's 8 year dating anniversary!  I was asked to read a verse well chapter lol. I was so happy to participate in their wedding but I am horrified of public speaking. Not to the extent of getting shaky and passing out but to the extent I always stutter and over think what I am reading. Well I thought I would share with you my embarrassing story. 

Okay imagine a room full of people you went to high school with as well as some people who still hate you from high school. You are asked to read a long, long verse from the worlds smallest Bible. You forget your glasses at home because there was suppose to be print outs of the verses written in HUGE letters. To my horrified surprise they didn't print mine out. Yes the other girls got one but not this girl. So thank goodness my sister has the Bible app on her phone. Only Erin lol I love you! So it is in bigger letters but there is always the fear of the phone going off or dieting, ya know yada yada yada.

I know automatically something is going to go wrong but I suck it up and go threw it any ways. As I am getting ready to go up, I miss the preachers cue so he has to say "So, Christine will now read..." Instead of just saying the book and verse numbers I have to read. So, I walk up to the very tall pull pit while everyone is silent and watching me.  

I begin to read and everything is going great and my phone skips all the way to the bottom of the verse :-0 I have no idea were I stopped or what I just sated so I take 3 sec, 5 sec, 8 sec. maybe 10 sec. to figure it out. I tell you it felt like 10 min. 

I felt HORRIBLE oh my gosh. I thought I ruined her wedding. It also doesn't help that the older people seek you out and grab your hand and say "you did such a good job." Well now that horrible ness is over I decide to take Garrett and I on a little side trip to where I just knew the reception venue was. Nope wrong place all the way across town and a train comes. Haha it was a disaster. Well we finally make it to the right place but we hadn't missed anything because the bride and groom didn't get their to 2 hours later. If you have ever had a wedding then you know how long it can take to take pictures especially if the photographer is not that experienced or people just keep playing around.  

But to the main point of the evening she was GORGEOUS!!! Her dress glistened and her veil was cathedral length and just gorgeous! I am so happy for the lucky couple and I hope I didn't rune their wedding :-/