Letters to my girls - Parker Fall 2018

mom and daughter sunset

To see the world through a child’s eyes is a super power I wish I had. You know that feeling you get when you try something new and love it? The feeling you use to get when you jump off of something high or walk on something like this small wall here. Being tossed up into the air with out fear of falling because for a second you are flying. The feeling of having no feeling at all about what people think. This girl will pick her nose any time any where and is non the wiser that it grosses most people out. Not me, I am proud she is able to get that booger herself.

This world has a very specific picture of what you should and should not do. I am not talking good vs. evil I am talking about manners, beliefs and lifestyle. Some people get it and others like to stay in their strict bubble. Whichever you choose just do you!

My daughter has some challenges she faces everyday and will most likely struggle with for her entire life but I know it is making her stronger and molding her into the woman she is meant to be. Let’s be honest, she is molding me into the woman I am meant to be.

I hope for her to stay in the mindset she has now that others opinions do not matter. Her view of herself is what matters. This is something I struggle with daily and has caused me most of the hardships in this life. We try to protect our babies from our regrets but I do not want to interfear with her journey. I just want to be her cheerleader, an ear, a shoulder and a story teller.

I do not know if what I am doing is right by her, but I am doing my very best. I feel like we all are despite our manners, beliefs and lifesyles. In conclusion I encourage you to try to step back and look at the full picture. Look at your littles for who they are and not who you wish you were.