Home Office in a Small Apartment

small apartment office

Sharing my small apartment home office space today! FYI the galvanized storage bin is on sale!!! I bought mine for $39.99 and it is now $19.99! Links to all items are at the bottom of this post.
Living in a small apartment can make it very difficult to carve out an individual space especially when you share it with 3 other people and 2 large dogs.
This is my space and the rest of my crew generally respects it. All except little miss Park who consistently insists that it is the perfect place to stack her favorite items. 🙄
Today it was the perfect place to stack the books we were reading through. Yes they have to stay there or her entire day will be ruined! Have you experienced 3 yet with your strong willed child? No! Then buckle up butter cup, it’s ruff. Just talking about it makes me want to slather on the calming essential oils while downing a bottle of wine!
Do you have at least one space you call your own in your home? Do your family members respect your space? Haha, I think I already know the answer to this but answer anyway!

My favorite places to get decently priced home decor would have to be Target and Home Goods/Marshalls.

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